I’m awkward at parties. So, I often share interesting facts to break the ice. I find most of my conversational fodder during the course of work. Medical and science communications requires a certain balance of accessibility, intrigue, and, to be perfectly honest, ickiness. Weird and wonderful bits of intelligence cause people to lean in and pay attention. This is my goal in writing—for people to lean in—whether I’m crafting a feature or submitting a brief blog post. Everyone loves to learn as long as the material is presented in the right way; the challenge is discovering what that looks like for each audience.

My writing covers everything from press releases on plastic surgery techniques to short blurbs on the latest trends in fashion design. My favorite material seeks to help others, whatever form that takes. You can get the nitty gritty details of my training and work experience on my CV and explore examples of my writing style in Work. If questions remain, I hope you’ll send me a message so we can talk further. In the meantime, I welcome you to my website and encourage you to take a few moments to look around.